"When I think about the films I wants to create, they’re often these intimate looks into nature, and a deeper look at personal exploration that results in inward reflection onto what one truly relates to and resonates with. A sense of home. I try to show a glimpse into something I love and have people reciprocate and respond to it in a personally subjective, but similar way by documenting the natural world or people interacting with it."

Sam Breault, the creator of Prairie to Peak Media, was born and raised throughout Northern BC. She spent countless hours outdoors from an early age with her parents and older sister, taking an interest in fishing, hiking and camping throughout Northern BC and Alberta. As she gained experience capturing the beautiful sights through documentary filmmaking and photography, she became more interested in conservation and natural environmental science, as well as became immersed in the world of fly fishing. She is continuing with researching environmental science and resource development under Ruth Beer, a professor at Emily Carr and a practicing artist whose research-creation practice engages with issues of cultural and ecological impacts of resource industry expansion within culturally diverse communities in the Canadian North.

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